9 Valuable Professional SEO Services for a Travel Agency

Anyone who wants to start or grow their own travel agency needs to map out how they’re going to market their business. Sure, it helps to have a network of contacts that can help you through the word-of-mouth advertisements. It also helps to do other traditional marketing strategies like print ads. However, to have an edge in the travel and tourism industry today, you need to employ effective internet marketing.

SEO Services for Travel Agency

What’s great for any aspiring travel agent or small tour company is that there are professional internet marketing companies to help sort out your internet marketing needs. Here’s a list of all the professional SEO services that may help in growing your business:

1. An SEO-Friendly Website

SEO or search engine optimization is essential in being seen by customers online, and in any part of your web design and other means of digital presence, SEO must be considered. Graphic designers and programmers can assess your company’s needs and tailor a website that’s optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

2. Visitor Engagement, Capturing, and Retargeting

Of course, it doesn’t stop at a well designed website. The users of your site (i.e. your prospective customers) need to get the key information they need and some customer assistance when they visit your website. What your internet marketing team can do is engage your site visitors through chats or replies to their comments on forums or message threads. When they leave your site, they can also be targeted on other platforms with your ads, so the traffic can be driven back to your company.

3. Quality Content Writing

Quality content is imperative in gaining brand awareness and loyalty, so you really need a stellar team that can give you relevant and engaging articles. If you don’t have an in-house team of copywriters, then you can get content experts to do it for you. Aside from website design and management, professional SEO services include the production of the content on your web pages, blog, and social media sites and your press releases and white papers for other sites, too.

4. Social Media Optimization

Likewise, you must have an active and credible presence on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media platforms. Again, a professional internet marketing practitioner can help you in producing the content for these sites. Trend research and other social media analytics tools will be used to make all the content credible, timely, and relevant.

5. Reputation Management

If you’re an established tour company that has undergone rebranding or if your head team members have some negative reviews online, it could be detrimental to your whole business. What you can do is employ SEO strategies such as content marketing and link building, so positive content will be at page 1 of Google search results for your company and any negative information can be removed at the forefront.

6. Blog Promotion

Blogs help a lot in giving your target customers an idea of how traveling with your company goes and what they can expect in the destinations you hold tours in. If you have an existing blog, specific professional SEO services can help drive traffic to it through social media posts and ads or Google ads.


7. Conversion Optimization

Of course, driving traffic to your site is not the end goal. Rather, the objective is to convert the site visitors in to paying customers or at least convince them to leave their contact information, so your travel sales agents can close the sales. If you have been struggling in finding leads or if you don’t know where to start, you can seek professional SEO services for conversion optimization.

8. Video Creation

Nowadays, customers who frequent social media are more engaged with visually engaging travel content—not just articles or images but videos, too. It’s better to have virtual tours of a destination, for instance, than just rely on descriptions or photos. Of course, it can be challenging to create scripts or storyboards, shoot a video or animate one, and publish it on the right platforms if you don’t have in-house video experts. To help your travel agency get more leads, your internet marketing team can help craft video concepts and create a video that suits your company’s objectives.

Professional SEO Services

9. Video Optimization

On the other hand, if you have existing videos already, they can be promoted with SEO strategies, PPC (pay per click) ads, social media posts or ads, and optimization and distribution on popular online outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and even Instagram.

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