Internet Marketing Tips for SMB’s

With a lot of competition out there, promoting your brand can come at a high cost and tons of work.  The best way to ensure that you use your marketing budget for methods that work is to take advantage of cost effective online techniques.


Spread word about your amazing product or excellent service online to attract more customers and improve your profit.  But with other companies also using the World Wide Web for marketing, getting noticed might be a challenge.

Here are some great tips on how to improve your website’s traffic.

Websites that Work

To create a positive impact online, your site should be able to catch and hold your customer’s attention.

Your site shouldbe easy to use so visitors can navigate through the pages without any difficulty.  Your customers should be able to comfortably find what they need. From product descriptions and prices to your company’s history, all these should be easily accessible.

Some of the elements you should focus on include basics such as color and font.  Colors that are too dark may come across as dodgy while excessively bright ones may strain your visitor’s eyes.

Font size will also need to be considered carefully as this is a great way to catch a customer’s attention.  Experiment with different sizes within a page to create variety and highlight messages such as discounted prices or new products.

Websites Enhanced with SEO

You have probably heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  This is a popular online marketing technique that has taken the internet by storm.  This involves utilizing techniques to get more traffic which will give you a better chance to improve profit.

SEO does this by ensuring that your business is listed as one of the first options on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.  Consumers generally do business with companies who get a high rating so you may want to start applying SEO techniques.

Keywords – When customers go online to search for a product or service, they use their preferred search engine for recommendations.  So, a customer looking for plumbing services will use the keywords “plumber” or “plumbing”.  Now in order for your plumbing business to get ranked high, you would need to have those words on your site.  Keyword count and placement are very important in ensuring that search engines recognize your site as reputable and relevant.

Beware of keyword stuffing or spamdexing.  This is when you use too many of the keywords on you site.  This will have disastrous results as you will receive extremely low ratings for this practice.

Flash – Who doesn’t love animated or video presentations on a website.  These simplify the research process as everything is explained with minimal reading required.  However, search engines are unable to analyze the data on flash presentations accurately.  This may result in low ranking.  To work around this problem, make sure to include a text description of the presentation on your site.

Reputation Management – One of the hardest things to control in any business are customer reactions and feedback.  Sometimes, despite how much you try to provide the best service or product, you just cannot please everybody.

A lot of disgruntled customers have used the internet to air their complaints and share their bad experiences.  These stories may have a negative impact on your business.  Utilizing SEO techniques help you manage your reputation online.

SEO Consultants – You can hire an SEO consultant to maximize the benefits of online marketing.  However, consultants have varied practices, so make sure to avoid black hat techniques.  These may produce results quickly but may end up in your site getting banned by search engines.

Relevant Content

Your website’s design is only half of what will make it a success.  Ensuring that relevant information is available online is very important.  Imagine two different websites offering the same product or service.  Consumers will more likely to do business with the one that will be able to answer or address all their concerns.  Include data like pricing, delivery and samples to your content instead of just generic descriptions.

There are websites where a customer would need to contact the company for more details.  This often puts a customer off and results in business lost.

Optimize Social Media

There are over 2 billion social media users all over the world.  There has been a substantial growth in the number of active users.  A 23% increase was shown from 2014 to 2015 alone.

Using the networks of popular social media platforms through videos and customer testimonials are great ways to promote your brand.  These give prospects a glimpse of what your company has to offer.

Consumers nowadays appreciate being able to interact with the company they will be buying from or hiring.  By optimizing your presence in these networks, you give possible customers direct access to your business.  They feel more confident as they are able to interact with your company on a more personal level.

Competing against bigger companies with more marketing budget is possible if you use techniques that are cost effective.