Qualities of a Good Website

We have been around in the online marketing industry long enough to be able to tell right off the bat if a website effectively represents a company or not. When it comes to online marketing, a website is just as important as the actual product or service.

Online marketing solely relies on how a product is depicted online. When people try to look for additional information about a product or company, they tend to look for its official website. A website must be able to boost the company’s image and help it gain advocates.

A good website must be able to represent its company effectively. We have listed the things that make a good website.

1. Striking Web Design    
In most instances, before you can get the buy in of your prospect customers or clients, you must be able to capture their interest first. One way of getting the attention of your audience is by having an attractive website.

Striking Web Design

People tend to be interested to what a website has to offer if it has an attractive design. Having good web design is an effective way of getting the attention of your audience.

The moment that your website captures the interest of your targeted audience, they will be curious of what your company has to offer. They will then take the time to browse its contents.

A website must also be able to brand its product in its design. Incorporating the company’s logo on the web design makes an effective branding strategy.

Having an attractive web design makes a company more credible. A website is the counterpart of a sales representative in traditional marketing; people are more likely to buy from someone who looks presentable and trustworthy.

2. Informative
A remarkable web design is useless without any informative articles. Getting the attention of the targeted market is different from keeping them hooked to the website.

It is futile to get people’s attention if you cannot keep their interest for long. The only way that someone is going to spend a little while browsing on a web page is if it has informative contents on it.

InformativeThe web contents must be useful to the web visitors. Your audience must look at your site as the web page to go to when they are looking for informative articles that are related to your product or service.

It is also necessary to update your web contents regularly. Make sure that you post new updates and articles. People will stop visiting a site if they have already read all the articles on it. People will start looking for a new website where they can get new and up to date information.

3. User-friendly
A good website must be easy to navigate. People should be able to find the information on the website easily. What irritates and frustrates many web visitors is if they have a hard time finding their way on the website.

Present your products and articles in such a way that first time web visitors will be able to find and access them without any hassle. People who use the internet do not have a lot of patience to spend so much of their time looking for things in a website.

If they cannot immediately find what they are looking for they are quick to conclude that it might not be available in your page so they will look somewhere else. What could have been a sure sale might just end up as a missed opportunity because of a confusing web lay out.


4. Interactive
Having a chat support or other forms of communication is one of the things that win more web visitors. Most online shoppers or web searchers like the idea of being able to communicate with someone if they have additional questions that are not being addressed in the existing posts or articles.

Nowadays, social media plays a valuable role in lives of many. Social media empowers everyone to be able to communicate with others wherever they may be. Somehow, people expect all websites to offer the same kind of feature.

Many online buyers prefer a site that offers them helpful tools. People like to be able to talk to other consumers or web site visitors. Having a community page where website visitors can interact with each other is a big help. It is also an effective way to be able to monitor your audience responds to your product, your website and service.

5. Reliable
A good website must have minimal or no downtime as much as possible. Your website as well as your company will likely lose its credibility if you have constant downtime.

If you need to have a system maintenance or upgrade, make sure that you notify your patrons ahead of time. This will give them time to do all the necessary transactions before the downtime. Although system upgrades are essential to keep your website well maintained and up-to date, try to do them during times that are least inconvenient to your web visitors.

Make sure that you take all precautions to avoid unplanned down times by securing your website with all necessary anti-virus software. This will help avoid service interruptions and secure online transactions with your clients.